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CMS Fiber Management System Design Tool

Model: WireCAD 10 CMS

Part #: WC10CMS

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WireCAD 10 CMS Fiber Management Tools are built on the WireCAD Framework but take a different approach. Rather than draw the system we will describe the system to the database using intuitive data entry forms. Then we will visualize the parts of the system of interest.


Whether you need to maintain fiber in a single building or across multiple campuses, WireCAD CMS is the tool for you.

WireCAD CMS provides tools to add fiber backbones and then allocate circuits on those backbones by jumper-ing from equipment to panel to panel, etc.

Once you have created backbones and allocated circuits, you can visualize them as circuit diagrams, ladder diagrams, riser diagrams and produce CAD drawings.

Need help getting started? WireCAD can help. When you purchase WireCAD CMS we will help you configure your SQL Server. If you need more help we offer on-site professional services to help get your team up to speed.

  • Declarative data entry forms. Simply tell the system that a panel exists. WireCAD will know how to draw it.
  • Powerful visualizers create Ladder, and Riser diagrams from your backbone and riser data. Create circuit functional diagrams from your circuit data.
  • All of the power of the WireCAD reporting engine with fiber specific reports.



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