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Winnov’s Game-changing Technologies Dramatically Reduce Webcasting Deployment Costs and Streamline Workflows
Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Multi-room capture enables organizations to simplify deployment and cost-effectively scale

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 17, 2014 – At InfoComm, Winnov will unveil Cbox MR HD, its innovative lecture capture and webcasting solution that “captures more with less.” Responding to diverse and specific end user feedback, Winnov engineered an agile solution that addresses the various rich content capture and creation needs for organizations across vertical markets. The latest solution boasts a multitude of advanced and cost-reducing capabilities, extending the reach of content capture and creation for organizations of any size.

“For years, large universities and enterprises have trusted Cbox to solve their webcasting challenges; this new system will now provide small to medium-sized organizations the ability to easily scale and create rich experiences by significantly reducing the per room cost of deployment,” said Olivier Garbe, President & CEO of Winnov.

The Cbox MR HD is the first lecture capture solution to feature true, multi-room capture technology – a deployment-minded capability empowering users to capture and stream lectures and presentations across multiple rooms with considerably less hardware. This innovative technology from Winnov reduces technology investment costs while simplifying deployment.

Complementing multi-room capture is cutting-edge, virtual camera technology which transforms a single video camera into immersive, multi-view playback experiences. The game-changing capability captures more engaging experiences with less equipment, turning budget-minded rooms into automated production studios.

Cbox MR HD systems combine with Cbox Command Center, a centralized monitoring and management system providing a 360° view and complete control of deployments from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A comprehensive dashboard enables extensive and continuous monitoring of all connected rooms across the network. Live previews of AV connections and signals, webcasting activities and room status provide administrators with an overview of their Cbox deployment.

Accessing and managing connected rooms remotely is convenient and intuitive thanks to the HTML5 interface. Administrators can easily adjust encoding and broadcast settings, apply custom layouts, control pan-tilt-zoom cameras and a host of additional options.

Maximizing workflow efficiency and eliminating production work altogether, Cbox Command Center fully automates scheduling, recording, indexing and publishing activities.

Among other advancements, the latest version of Winnov’s HTML5 player further enhances playback experiences on any device. Optimized video layouts and multi-view switching capability provide customized experiences for each viewer. Search and navigation is automatically enhanced with real-time, auto-generated text from content and speech.

“Whether capturing multiple sources in a single room or a single source in multiple rooms, Winnov provides a full range of robust solutions and capabilities that address the specific needs of any organization. With a long history of innovation, Winnov will continue to push the envelope to provide the richest and most immersive video experiences, while maximizing ROI for our customers.” – Olivier Garbe, President & CEO of Winnov.

For more information, visit www.winnov.com.