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SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1
SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1 SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1 SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1 SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1 SMARTdesks - PL-MXL1
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Model: PL-MXL1

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Sit or stand. Use the technology you desire and have your office suite perform for you with comfort you control. MAXiDESK™ is bundled with Humanscale® M/Flex monitor supports and Humanscale® CPU holder, plus a wireless /USB charging pop-up that will keep your smartphone and other devices ready for action.

Single Screen Humanscale® M/Flex M2.1 Monitor Support:
M/Flex transforms the MAXiDESK workspace with flexibility and ergonomic performance. By easily setting monitors at an optimal distance and height, M/Flex increases usable desk space and allows the user to work in a healthy posture throughout the day.

Humanscale® CPU Holder: 
Mounts directly to table bottom on slide bracket. When the unit is installed, there is no access to release the CPU from its grip, providing effective asset security. Height and width adjustments fit thin client to tower sized CPUs.

Available in black or white trim and in two sizes:
CPU-HS600 fits cases 3.6 - 10 w x 12-20 h
CPU-HS200 fits cases 1 - 5 w x 6-12 h

Dock 150 Wireless | USB Charger:
Wireless charging and USB charging in a simple package. The pop-up USB ports can be hidden when they are not in use to keep working surface clean and organized. Each of the three convenient USB type-A ports offers 2.1A (10.5W) of charging power for the mobile devices that do not support wireless charging.

Desk Control 520: 
The height adjustment is intuitive to use, with simple up and down controls and four programmable presets. Set your perfect comfort height within a range of 28 to 47 inches.
The motorized leg system is rated to 200 pounds of load, including table top. Raising and lowering speed is 1.375 inches per second.

Legs are available in 3 colors: Black | Metallic Silver | White 

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