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Elinchrom Provides a Transit Cap to Ranger Quadra Owners
Posted on Thursday, April 29, 2010
Elinchrom Provides a Transit Cap to Ranger Quadra Owners

Elinchrom’s small portable battery system the Ranger Quadra has been a huge success since it was launched earlier this year. Owners love how lightweight and compact the system is. A complaint that some users have had is that the Quadra heads don’t come with a transit cap to protect the bulb.

Elinchrom planned on providing this piece of the kit; however, it wasn’t ready when the Quadra was released. As of today you can get the new MultiFunction Quadra Cap ( EL 25100). The MultiFunction Cap snaps onto the 5.3” Quadra reflector providing flashtube protection. The cap is made out of a diffused polycarbonate and can be used as a diffuser for the head. There are four lips on the outside of the cap with slots that allow a gel to be held into place.

Elinchrom has provided us with enough MultiFunction caps for everyone in the US who has purchased a Quadra. Here is how to claim your free MultiFunction cap(s).