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CyberTouch - Photon 142
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Custom Modular Photon Touch Overlay for 3x3-47 Landscape Video Wall

Series: Photon

Model: Photon 142

Part #: MTF1247032XAA

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CyberTouch's Photon Frame, or multi-touch overlays, are fabricated with protective safety glass. We find placement of the glass is vital in protection of LCD’s from scratches, contamination and abuse. Furthermore, glass provides a smooth, seamless and uniform interactive surface where the user’s fingers may slide effortlessly over the entire display canvas – especially where the monitor bezels meet.

 CyberTouch's modular design is a solution created for high-rise and compact spaces where the touch wall is moved throughout the building in smaller separate components and assembled on-site. Modular design is costlier than monolithic because it is a more intricate and complex process and requires CyberTouch engineers to be present during installation.


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