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Illinois high school set for iPad pilot program
Posted on Monday, February 6, 2012
Illinois high school set for iPad pilot program

The Apple iPad is no longer considered strictly a consumer device as more schools nationwide are adopting the sleek mobile technology.

New Trier High School in Illinois plans to adopt a pilot program next fall that would allow its students to use iPads in the classroom and in their homes. If the initiative is successful, the school will implement the program on a greater scale.

"We see a future, maybe five or seven years down the road, where every student has one of these," said New Trier technology director Chris Johnson recently told the school board.

Devices like the iPad certainly provide students with new learning capabilities, but other classroom technology can help them further their potential. For example, a document camera, an interactive whiteboard or an HDMI projector can expose children to new ways to comprehend information.

According to a TribLoca report, Johnson also told the school committee that New Trier already has some classes that offer the iPad to students. The technology director also noted that as the program stands, children cannot continue learning from the Apple device at the end of the school day, which will be addressed with the fall pilot program.