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CyberTouch MultiTouch at The Marvel Experience

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CyberTouch MultiTouch at The Marvel Experience
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The Super Adaptoid Retrieval and Containment Unit is a breathtaking array of multi-touch tables. A hub of seven CyberTouch 55” multi-touch tables surround a partially assembled Super Adaptoid robot, a race of intelligent androids that can adapt to the hero’s powers, locked away in a Plexiglas containment chamber. In this Tetris-like puzzle game, up to eight guests can stand at one multi-touch table where they dig through a conveyor belt of digital dirt in order to unearth pieces of the villainous Super Adaptoid robot. As guests find components of the robot such as: weapons, armor, or memory chips, they drag the item to their station where it is magnified for analysis. When pieces are correctly assembled, the parts are sent to the containment unit to reconstruct the Adaptoid. Properly assembled pieces trigger show controls which start a light display inside of the containment unit. According to Rick Licht, Hero Ventures CEO, in a Marvel Experience press release: “The Marvel Experience creates a new platform for entertainment, we are bringing together so many different interactive and immersive elements under our seven domes featuring the incredible Marvel characters and we fully expect that our premiere in Dallas will be not only memorable, but unforgettable.”